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Renowned international TV host Steve Harvey has promised to buy a large number of books written by an eight year old boy born to Ghanaian parents, by the name Nicolas Buamah. Steve Harvey pledged to buy 555 copies of the book, in an effort of assisting the Nicolas Buamah meet his goal of donating copies of his book to libraries in Ghana.

Nicolas Buamah impressed the TV host with his intelligence during an appearance on the “The Steve Harvey Show.” He taught the show host a new word “exacerbate,” to the amusement of the studio audience. Nicolas then proceeded to promoting his book, entitled “Kayla and Kyle the walking Dictionaries: Election Day.”

This is the young author’s first book, however his book is a best-selling on Amazon and has been accepted into the Library of Congress in the United States, making it available for all elementary schools who wish to acquire the book for their libraries. During the interview Nicolas expressed his biggest desire to have his book available in every elementary school in United States.

He said “My goal is to get my book into every elementary school library in the united states and another one is to donate some books to take to Ghana to give to the schools and libraries and another one is to get enough subscribers for my youtube channel because am doing a thirty seconds word where I will teach you a word in thirty seconds or less.”

Very impressed and excited by the young Ghanaian’s ambitions and intelligence, Steve Harvey pledged to buy all the 555 books Nicolas had intended to donate to libraries in Ghana.

Steve replied by saying “since you such a smart kid and you trying very hard, am buying 555 books and we are going to put it in schools in Ghana.”
Nicolas Buamah also said he had plans of writing 19 more sequels in the “Kayla and Kyle” series.

We wish Nicolas Buamah all the best, we are proud of him.

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