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The results of the United States 2020 diversity visa Lottery to be available starting Tuesday May 7th 2019. The diversity visa lottery program is also known as Green card lottery. The program is administered by the State Department and Over 50,000 entrants are selected as winners annually.

Entrants will be able to check their status only on the US Department of State website. Using their confirmation number, last names and year of birth. Selected entrants can check their status starting Tuesday May 7th 2019 to September 30, 2020.

Selected entrants would continue to the next stage, which is interviews and visa processing from October, 2019. Eventual winners who pass their interviews, background checks and meet all other qualifications would be granted permanent resident visas (green card).

Participants can only register if their respective country of citizenship is eligible for the program. Countries which are eligible for the DV Lottery are to nationals with low immigration rates to the US. For those who couldn’t register or for the 2020 DV Lottery, they would have to wait till October to be able to do so.

Ghana is amongst countries in ARICA to record the highest winners over the years. Despite speculations that Ghana was likely to be kicked out after Nigeria was kicked off a few years earlier.

Below is a tabular representation of selected entrants from Ghana between Years 2011 to 2018.


2011            6002

2012            5832

2013           5105

2014          3945

2015          3381

2016          3179

2017         3170

2018        3549

We Wish all Entrants the best of Luck.

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